EAC Legacy – Seedlings

The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) received their order from Peterborough County Stewardship Council this past week for 300 White Pine seedlings. We have distributed the seedlings to the following for planting on local youth home properties across the Township as a legacy for future generations:

280 seedlings went to Buckhorn Public School and 20 seedlings went to Cavendish Youth Group.

“One acre of trees annually consumes the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that produced by driving an average car for 26,000 miles. That same acre of trees also produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year.”
– New York Times


EarthDay Celebrations 2011

The week of April 18-24th there will be a number of events to celebrate both EARTHDAY (April 22nd) and PITCH-IN CANADA Week. Give it up for Earth Day.

Sustainable Peterborough Vision Survey

Sustainable Peterborough initiative are seeking everyones input to a survey how you envision the Greater Peterborough Area over the next 25 years. Please take some time and respond to this survey.

Council disband Environment Advisory Committee

On February 15th, 2011 council made a motion to disband the Environment Advisory Committee. It was felt that many of the services/areas of interest are being covered by other organizations according to council. EAC members are deeply disappointed in council’s decision but were unable to change the mind of council on their decision.

Council meeting minutes for Feb 15th 2011.

EAC final activity, will the delivery of white pine seedlings to Buckhorn Public School youth and Cavendish Youth Group, late April 2011 timeframe, that the Township agreed to fund and support.

We appreciate everyones support for the short period that EAC has been active in our beautiful community. Everyone is encouraged to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

Water Levels – Spring Thaw

With snow melt, heavy rainfalls and warming temperatures, water levels on our local rivers, lakes and streams are on the rise. For more details check these information links:

MNR Information

Otonabee Region Conservation Authority

Kawartha Region Conservation Authority

Earth Hour – March 26 8:30pm

The hours are ticking by towards EARTH HOUR this Saturday March 26th,  8:30 pm when people across the world will SWITCH OFF THE LIGHTS. Please join and give your  full support – we can make a difference !


Earth Hour organization

Independent Electricity System Operator ( IESO – see energy chart )

Toronto Sun article about Earth Hour

EAC presentation to Council Feb 1st

Committee chair, made a presentation to council on February 1st to seek council’s support for the Environmental Advisory Committee and confirm mandate and review action plans. Attached is presentation material.

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